Letters of Recommendation

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Stellar letters of recommendation are crucial for success. Your letter writers should know you well and be able to speak in specifics about your academic and/or leadership abilities. Be sure to build relationships with your professors, so that they can compose strong, personalized letters of recommendation.

Abide by the following tips when asking for the letters: 

  • Ask your letter writers in person at least one month in advance of the due date. 
  • Ensure that the recommender knows you well enough to write a compelling letter. 
  • Give them useful information (e.g. previous papers you’ve written in their class, personal anecdotes about your motivations, etc.) 
  • Send a friendly reminder one week before the due date.

Letters of recommendation must be sent to the Office of Nationally Competitive Awards in a sealed envelope with the recommender’s signature across the seal.

Also, see this Advice for Faculty handout outlining several helpful tips for writing good letters.