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Start undergraduate research with a faculty member

Beginning research early is especially important if you are a science or engineering major. All majors are encouraged to start research by the beginning of their junior year. For the Goldwater and Udall scholarships, you will want evidence of undergraduate research by your junior year. The most competitive applicants for the Marshall will have their name on a published article.

Continue your involvement in organizations and with causes

Make unique contributions within these groups and organizations. Determine ways you can improve upon past leadership and initiatives. Find unmet needs on campus and in the community, and determine solutions.

Show intellectual well-roundedness

Craft diverse and interesting semester schedules that challenge you and reflect a broad array of understanding. Consider taking upper-division (3000-level) courses.

Look ahead to the summer

Seek internships, study abroad opportunities, or experiences that will strengthen your application and broaden your awareness. Reflect upon your life values and goals. Dream big. Clarify steps you can follow to reach your goals.

Know your award options

Review the Goldwater, Truman, Udall questions with the Office of Nationally Competitive Awards before departing for the summer. Determine gaps or weak spots in your application that can be filled over the break. Fill in the gaps in your application and résumé.